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What's in a Name?

5th September 2015

It’s a very exciting time to be part of the MCG Group. I have been lucky enough to see Kemistry develop from an idea into a business — it is an amazing experience and an opportunity I’m almost certain I wouldn’t have had working in London.

On the day of Kemistry’s launch several UAE Nationals active in the HR market called in to speak with us — maybe it’s the name, as Kemistry translates in both the English and Arabic language:

“Chemistry has a colourful history, which involves a number of cultures.

The Arabic al-kīmiyaʼ or al-khīmiyaʼ (الكيمياء or الخيمياء), according to some, is thought to derive from the late Greek word khymeia (χυμεία) meaning “the art of alloying metals, alchemy”; in the manuscripts, this word is also written khēmeia (χημεία) or kheimeia (χειμεία), which is the probable basis of the Arabic form. According to Mahn, the Greek word χυμεία khumeia originally meant “pouring together” or “casting together”.

At Kemistry we bring together talented HR, finance, accounting and business support specialists to the most ambitious MENA organisations. By delving deeper and working harder, we’ve turned recruitment into a science, making sure the core elements of a business work perfectly.

Our finance and accounting division is really busy! In all honestly, I was never a fan of maths at school and since finishing I have done my best to avoid finance – well essentially anything to do with numbers! I had always wondered what about numbers that really made people tick and was genuinely excited by the challenge of wrapping my head around trial balance, v-lockups, pivot tables and reconciliations to understand my candidates and clients. It can literally be like speaking Arabic to some, but understanding these functions answered my questions as to why accounting is such a core part of a business.

Since Kemistry’s launch we have successfully placed accounting and finance professionals across a range of roles and I am proud to be able to spot a strong CV. Being a Consultant at Kemistry has also meant I’ve gained a great understanding of the Middle East markets and it’s been interesting dissecting management structures across large multinationals, family holding groups and start-ups across the territories we cover.

Through growing a strong understanding of HR functions — Learning and Development, Talent Management and Organisational Development, Training, Business Partnering, Talent Acquisition — I have come to understand why my candidates speak with such passion and knowledge, continuously striving for HR to be a key part of every business.

To now be able to say I have been part of building my clients core HR, finance, accounting and business support departments gives me a great sense of achievement and I look forward to seeing the further evolution of Kemistry!

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