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From Dorset to Dubai

11th October 2015

The decision to leave my rural countryside village in the depths of Dorset to move to bustling Dubai in November was undoubtedly one of the biggest changes I have ever experienced.

Working in a hometown where broadband is considered a luxury and the list of local businesses to target could be counted on one hand, it was hard for me to not wonder what I could achieve working in the ever-growing recruitment market of Dubai. Unable to stop myself from spying on the success of fellow Dubai recruiters on LinkedIn and flicking through the copious amounts of ‘brunch’ photos on Facebook, the decision was made, I was moving to Dubai.

Following my decision to move came the job hunt. I spent days hunting on LinkedIn and scrolling through recruitment agency websites, until I came across Kemistry HR, a new venture from the MCG Group. I spent a good few hours reading about the company and its background, the team profiles and the story behind Kemistry. That was enough. I was sold. Kemistry is where I want to work.

Despite submitting my CV, I had told myself “don’t get your hopes up Laura”, however It was hard as I was so excited about the opportunity to join a company where I truly believed my determination and commercial recruitment experience would be utilised. I sat and waited for what felt like a year, when I received a call from Justin; I had an interview. From this moment everything felt like a whirlwind and next thing I know I am on the plane to Dubai as the new specialist recruitment consultant for Kemistry HR.

My first day was just around the corner and I was riddled with first day nerves, however as soon as I walked into the office they quickly disappeared. Everyone was friendly, welcoming and immediately made me feel like part of the team. There was an exciting buzz that filled the room from consultants who genuinely had a passion for the job. I sat and listened to an office alive with phone calls, candidate interviews and laughter… I knew from there that this was the best decision I had ever made.

Now three weeks into my ‘Dorset to Dubai’ adventure, I am happier than ever. Business is going well, figures are on the board and most importantly, new friendships have been made.

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