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The Game Changer

10th November 2015

I’ve been with Kemistry for two months now and it’s absolutely flown by! I remember my first day like it was yesterday, time really does fly when you having fun… hold on, HR, fun? Who’d have thought!!

I used to recruit for the Oil & Gas industry across the MENA. Everyone knows the Oil market today is not in good shape due to the fall in oil price, to be honest, it wasn’t until April/May time this year that I really started to see the industry slow down. It got to the point where I was feeling that I was being sucked into an oppressive spinning wheel, going round and round, same old story, contracts on hold here, restructures and redundancies there… I was so thrilled when Justin invited me in to tell me about his latest venture — it was new, exciting… I knew of MCG Associates already, they have a fantastic reputation in the region and when Justin told me about his plans for the groups new sister company Kemistry, I couldn’t wait to jump on board.

Eight weeks later and I haven’t looked back. I’m learning every day and I love being kept on my toes. We’re now a team of four having just hired someone to really push our finance division – since we are having so many roles in this area we thought it was about time we brought on an extra pair of hands. We already have ample of amazing clients and candidates alike and we continue to grow so watch this space!

As a team we cover mid-senior-executive level roles across HR, Talent, Finance and Business Support. HR is definitely a favourite of mine – I never knew there were so many areas to specialise in; Learning & Development, Organisational Development, Compensation & Benefits, Succession Planning… when you’re speaking to really senior candidates and they explain some of the projects they’ve done or strategies that they are in the middle of developing and implementing, and the impact their work has had on a company… it’s crazy to think that some businesses are still not investing enough into their Human Resources – lets face it, HR done right is an absolute game changer!

So what’s it like working for Kemistry? As a disciplined focused business, we’re not a generalist. We may not be the biggest (not yet anyway) but we will never stop pushing to be the best. I honestly believe that by summer next year everyone will know Kemistry and what we do. We always remember that you’re only as good as your last deal — we make sure that our clients get the best service we can offer and we cherish our candidates – everyone is someone’s diamond in the rough and we have some of the top ‘clarity’ candidates on the market, who we often work with exclusively.

We are a firm believer in the saying that you get out what you put in and here at Kemistry we invest heavily into the best tools and resources to help our candidates find the right role.

As a team we are a tight-knit group and we work together to deliver to our clients on time, on budget and on point! I really am proud to be a part of such a unique growing business.

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