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A Day in the Life

28th November 2015

Alarm goes at six and you’re up for the day
A five-minute shower be sure not to delay
Onto your emails, 50 new, getting through them by 9 will be tight!
Oh wait, that’s just the main folder…
There’s 500 applications come in since you posted that job advert last night!

Hair in a bun, your make-up can wait,
You’ve a poem due on the company blog – and your MD wants it posted by eight!
With a click of a mouse, you say goodbye to your spouse,
Coz you’re cutting it fine, for a meeting Downtown at nine…

Back in office by 10, and your on to a winner,
Five new jobs in the bag, though they all need CVs sent by dinner!
Up go the adverts and let the headhunt begin…
A quick catch up on emails, BD and Linkedin.

Hours go by, a rat-race to get things done?
How time flies when your phone doesn’t stop and you’re trying to contact an offered candidate (who it appears is now on the run).

Mid afternoon and you’re starting to hunch,
Your eyes are going square and you’ve forgotten to eat lunch!
A call from a client to tell you about their wild weekend bust,
At the end of the call she says she’s desperate for profiles – male, aged 30, and 20 years’ experience is a must!

The sun starts to set for the close of the day,
Your candidates in US are now ready to play!
A few hours past and your interviews went well,
So you type up your notes, giving each applicant a good sell.
Look at the time! You really must leave,
That nice hot soak is just what you need!

A take away meal, old habits die hard,
You collapse into bed coz you feel like a shard!
A successful day and though you’re ready to keel,
You feel mighty good that you’re now one one step closer to making that deal!

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